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Instructions for authors

The manuscript should be submitted on disc in either ASCII or a widely used software and in paper format or by e-mail.

Original articles should bear the forenames, surnames and location of the authors.

Each original article must begin with a short summary (approx. 12 typewritten lines), followed by the title and a summary in German. If necessary, the article itself is preceded by a „List of symbols“ (do not give the list a chapter number). For the Author Index, the complete address (forenames to be written out) is to be given on a separate page. Chapter numbers within the manuscript must be in decimal form. The text should be easy to read (avoid involved style).

References The list of references should be placed at the end of the text. References should be numbered consecutively with arabic numerals, using square brackets, e.g. [1]. In the text, please supply the reference number only, e.g. [1].

Bibliographic information pertaining to journal articles: 1. consecutive number; 2. names of all authors (initials of first names placed after surname); 3. complete title of article; 4. abbreviated title of journal; 5. number of volume (arabic numerals); 6. year of publication (in parentheses); 7. number of issue; 8. page numbers. Example: [1] Grote, J.; Müller, U.: Unbewehrte Elastomer-Lager. Bauingenieur 44 (1996) Nr. 4, S. 123-126.

Bibliographic information pertaining to books: 1. consecutive number; 2. names of all authors (initials of first names placed after surname); 3. complete, unabbreviated title of book; 4. main place of publication; 5. name of publisher; 6. year of publication. Example: [1] Schreiner, K.: Werkstückspanner. 3. Aufl. Berlin: Springer 1969.

Formulae and symbols must be written legibly. Characters [e.g. o (numeral) and O (letter), 1 (numeral) and I (letter)] that are easily confused should be distinguished clearly.
Formulae and symbols are typeset in italics and should be written or marked accordingly in the manuscript, unless they require a different styling.

Tables are numbered (arabic numerals). They are not to be included in the text but submitted together on a separate sheet of paper at the end of the manuscript. Each table must have a heading. Insert appropriate references into the text (e.g.Table 1) and indicate the intended placement of the table in the margin of the manuscript.

Figures and illustrations are numbered with arabic numerals. Originals should be supplied in loose form together with the manuscript. Tables and figures are required as separate files. Figure captions should be provided together on a separate sheet. Example: Fig. 1. View of the building.

All articles are reviewed.

Please send the manuscript to:
VDI Fachmedien GmbH & Co. KG
Redaktion Gefahrstoffe - Reinhaltung der Luft
Postfach 10 10 22
40001 Düsseldorf


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